Combiset Basis microscoop met mestonderzoekpakket

Basic microscope & McMaster test kit

€ 216,81

A complete package for your fecal egg counts (FEC) testing at home:

1 A basic microscope specially revised for optimal fecal egg counts.

2 A McMaster test kit with all material you need for standard fecal egg counts with McMaster flotation method.

Instruction books for sheeps, goats and horses are available in het webshop.


Product Description

Microscope specifications:

With the Barlow zoom lens the microscope can be adjusted to see exactly one column in the McMaster counting slide.

The smartphone holder for easy making photos with your own smartphone.

The power is supplied by batteries (three pieces AA). In addition to the dust cover is in the accessories already 5 prepared slides and 5 blank slides and cover slips included for making their own preparations. Magnification range: 20x-1280x.

• Mechanical desk
• 2 eyepieces: 5x and 16x,
• 3 objectives: 4x, 10x and 40x
• 1 Barlow lens with 2x magnification
• Cross table
• Smartphone holder
• Microscope cutlery
• 5 prepared slides
• 5 blank slides
• Dust cover and hard case

The McMaster test kit contains:

  • McMaster counting slide
  • Precision scale
  • 500 gram flotation salt enough for about 40 tests
  • Graduated cylinder 50 ml
  • Beakers 50 ml and 250 ml
  • Tea-strainer
  • Squeeze bottle
  • 5 syringe (without needle) of 2 ml

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